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Replacement Rechargeable Toshiba Tecra m5-st1412 Battery | Tecra m5-st1412 Laptop Batteries 8800 mAh

  • Replacement Toshiba Tecra m5-st1412 Battery
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  • Toshiba Tecra m5-st1412
  • Brand New Li-ion
  • ELTB029K
  • 8800 mAh
  • 11.10V
  • 206.90 x 77.92 x 33.90 mm
  • 768.27 g
  • Black
Brand new high quality 8800 mAh, 11.10V, Li-ion Toshiba Tecra m5-st1412 battery for your laptop, this battery was specially designed for QEM toshiba tecra m5-st1412 laptop batteries, we guarantee the Toshiba Tecra m5-st1412 battery meet or exceed original battery required. We offer this battery with one year warranty and 30 days money back. High quality laptop battery sell on cheap price, Welcome order!
This rechargeable Toshiba Tecra m5-st1412 battery pack is specifically designed to work with you Toshiba Tecra m5-st1412 laptop. Toshiba Tecra m5-st1412 battery pack featured the latest battery technology, the highest quality components, and meet or exceed OEM specifications, last longer and have reduced memory effect.
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  • 100% brand new Toshiba Tecra m5-st1412 laptop battery.
  • We offer 30-Day money back, 1 year extend warranty for laptop Tecra m5-st1412 battery.
  • The replacement Toshiba Tecra m5-st1412 battery can 100% compatible with the original Toshiba Tecra m5-st1412 product.
  • Fast Delivery, we ship all orders in stock on the next business day.
  • Great After Sales Service Department service for you, any questions about the Tecra m5-st1412 notebook battery, please don't hesitate to contact us.