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Battery Store is a worldwide retailer and wholesaler whom provides all kinds of replacement batteries and ac adapters/chargers, include laptop batteries, digital camera batteries, camcorder batteries, laptop ac adapters, battery chargers, PDA batteries, two way radio batteries, MP3 batteries, iPod batteries, DVD player batteries and cell phone batteries.
All of products are tested strictly before they are approved for delivery and come with 1 year warranty. We're committed to deliver a better performance and reliability products that you can rely on.

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Popular Batteries
  • Canon BP-511 Charger
  • Canon BP-511 Charger For Camera/Camcorder Battery
    This 100% new high quality canon bp-511 battery charger represents the most effective way to run your canon bp-511 digital camera and other camrea/camcoeder batteries like:Canon BP-512,Canon BP-522,Canon BP-535,Canon ZR-90,Canon EOS 5D,Canon EOS 20D,Canon FV100,Canon MV100,Canon EOS-300D...
  • CASIO NP-60 Charger
  • CASIO NP-60 Battery Charger
    The casio np-60 battery charger is an attractive high performance fully automatic casio np-60 charger designed to quickly and safely charge batteries. Replacement Casio NP-60 battery charger for your digital camera, camocrder minidv. The slim, lightweight, and stylishly designed mini rapid charger plugs directly in to your wall outlet and charges your digital camera or camcorder batteries efficient.